Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Wrapup://Birth and Taxes; The Circle of Life

Another fantastic weekend. I tell you 2009 has set a truly exceptional high water mark. I keep expect the shoes to drop and...Well I don't know, make me walk barefoot over thumbtacks. Weird.

I finally got over the death of InfoTron 3000. He touched my heart truly and deeply. But he would've had wanted me to be sad, rather he'd have wanted me to move on. Begin writing with another partner. Someone I could create with...someone to download porn. Sniff, oh the memories.

1.23.2009://Got home after work and just sat around and talked to the wife. She is a constant surprise to me. How did I get so lucky. Her charm and intelligence disarm me everyday. Also, her lack of experience is shocking. How did she get this many years into life without watching Back to the Future? I remedied the situation. Review from my wife: I loved it!

1.24.2009://Tax time. Boo. I screwed up my taxes for the year by accidently changing my W-9 to not withhold any taxes. For the entire year I only had like $1800 paid into the Feds. So I was sweating at the H+R Block place ready to get hit with this giant bill. Turns out, much ado about nothing. My wife's extra with holding got us a pretty hefty return. Enough as it turns out to add to the family.

Lappy 5000 is here and boy is he awesome. Sniff, InfoTron would be so proud.

Did laundry with the hellspawn of the lower rings. I miss the 1950's where it was perfectly alright to backhand someone else's kids even if you were a stranger.

Since we watched Back to the Future we might as well go for the rest. My wife has movie narcolepsy and falls asleep 30 mins before the movie is over. So we started the day by watching the last 30 of BttF I and immediately followed by watching BttF II. Now as a kid BttF II was released a few years after the first one so I don't think I've ever watched them back to back. Boy was it weird. The recasting and refilming was so cheap it took me out of the movie.

Finished the night with about 8 fingers of Jameson and a few beers.

1.25.2009://Went to my 10 year old cousin's B-day at John's Incredible Pizza. I need to slap the owner around the head with a dictionary because Incredible it was not. More like John's Incredible Disappointment.

Ended the night watching Big Love and United States of Tara.

Bummer://No real bad stuff this weekend. Didn't have time to watch BttF III though. Probably tonight


Lady Glamis said...

I like the BttF's. Don't own them, but I grew up with them, so they're fun to watch every now and then.

My mom is like your wife. She is forever falling asleep during movies. Unless it's super boring, I never fall asleep. Does your wife fall asleep in the mmovie theater, too, or just at home?

I hate taxes. I don't even want to think about. *runs away*

BA Boucher said...

She's pretty robust in a dark theater but that's mainly because she can't use me as a recliner