Monday, January 19, 2009

Writing://CC Exercise Elf and Dwarf 1.19.2009

Wherein our hero, BA Boucher attempts to recreate the single lamest joke in the world and fails.
I don't get along with my father at all. In fact we haven't spoken in almost a decade. However, before the age of ten he was my best friend. Time has done what it can to erase most of the good memories but every so often. I remember vividly this really lame joke he told me at eight years old. I've co-opted the memory for the below exercise:

In 500 words or less, show us what happens when a party of fantasy cliches walks into a tavern only to learn that all Quests have been canceled due to the weather. Now what are they supposed to do while saving the world is put on hold?

Writer: Mercwriter

An Elf and a Dwarf walk into a bar.
You'd think the elf would've ducked.

Two nuns walk into a bar. You think the second one would've ducked. That bust my crap up as a kid.