Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BA all grown up part II

Tomorrow our first washer and dryer set are delivered.

Our matching set.

That isn't from a thrift store.

Or a ding and dent.

No more laundramats. Three years of our lives have be stuck in these hell holes.

Next to my wedding day tomorrow might be the greatest day of our lives.

Monday, November 01, 2010

BA All grown up

Just got back from a company dinner in Miami. The ride back was nothing but late twenty year old's bragging about all the trim they have back home and story after story after cell phone pic.

I love being married.

I have nothing left in common with these guys. It is so desparate.

I guess I'm an old man because I'd rather brag about looking into the eyes of my soul mate and losing myself in her.

The guys called me a fag after I said that.

Moving On

Wow things got heavy around here.

So let's move right along:

I've started my latest novel project.

Before I'd always work months and months in a moleskine getting beat after beat and attempt to link them up while I wrote.

This however hit me so pristine and hard two weeks ago that I just wanted to start. We shall see how it ends up.

As it starts to flesh out I'll post more details.