Thursday, January 08, 2009

Watchmen Watch:// 56 days or not

I am not a big fanboy. A small fanboy. I can accurately quote Star Wars and Wrestling from the 80's. I used to write for a Wrestling website. I love GI Joes and Transformers. All these things however, are in the past. I just remember them, I don't actively search out toys or conventions.

However, there is something that is absolutely vibrating my brain. Watchmen, the movie.

I can't think of something written in the last 20 years that is more universally loved than the graphic novel of all graphic novels. Watchmen set a bar that cannot be surpassed or raised.

I tend to think that Maus is actually better artistically but that's nitpicking

Finally they are making a movie of it and we'll see it on March 6th. Or we won't because Fox is a company of assholes.

Here's a link to the latest story.

For those that need catching up, Fox owned the rights in the eighties and did nothing. Then in 2007 Warner Bros. started filming. Fox allowed them to budget, cast, create sets, film, edit, market, and put up all the money for it, then they said, "Hey wait a minute that's ours." Then they sued.

To say I'm angry is an understatement. I am far less eloquent describing my rage than Daniel O'Brien, so I'll let him sum up the geeknation's rage.

Everytime there is news on this I will link the new story and DOB's article.

News 1/07/09://

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Angela said...

The pic reminds me of all this custom jewelry I made as a teen--happy faces with all sorts of instruments of death attached to their heads...I was a real prize back then...

BA Boucher said...

It's actually a bloodstain fixated at five minutes to midnight. An old cold war term for nuclear holocaust.

It figures prominently in the book/movie