Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Writing://CC Exercise Death of Narrator 1.20.2009

In Which our Hero, BA Boucher, attempts to write about a guy who dies but still speaks. He fails...

Lazy Tuesday. Just a normal day, new president, old job. Here's an old exercise from the CC forums I did today:

Write a story as a narration but make the narrator himself die somehow and then continue the story creatively till a suitable end. Creatively I say because the narrator has died in the middle of story and now the story has to be narrated without a narrator. But how? Be creative!
Writer: Kenie

I saw a movie once.

I know big deal right? No this one was cool, it was like this insurance guy talking into a old school tape recorder. Only it wasn't like on cassette or anything, it was totally like the Flintstones. Anyshits, this guy is confessing all this ill shit he did with this chick.

Yeah that was cool.

So I'm most probably dead right now. Or going to be soon. I recorded a couple of files to play after this one. Those are the goodbye tapes. This is more like a commentary track on how it feels. Fuck man, it's just cold.

Cold and empty.

Look man, no need for me to bum you out even more. Let's just say that the end is fucking heavy dude.

Oh shit! I think they are here. I've got to go, remember play the tapes in order. Hey man, I lo...


Remember that time we tickle Patrick so hard he shit himself?

That was cool.

Hey this is Tape 1 side two and I've a confession to make. I made these tapes in advance and mailed them to you. Problem is I didn't have your address. So I made some calls. Gloria is not happy with you at all...


Welcome to tape 4.

Like I was saying. You need to watch who it is you are messing with. They know, dude, they know...


Tape 2 back in school.

So Gloria was telling me you turned me in....


Boop! Tape six

Not necessary to run. Before they come for me I'm going to tell them every...


Tape ten is in

You deserve everything you assho...


Tape one side one

I love you dad

That was kind of cool actually

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