Friday, January 09, 2009

Movie Review Prequel:// The Wrestler

This will be a place holder as I've not seen the movie yet, although if you scroll down my columns you can see this is a movie I'm dying to see.

I will be seeing it tonight. With my wife and the star of the movie Marissa Tomei.

One of the benefits of living thirty minutes outside of LA is that from time to time opportunities to go to special release as a civilian is always around the corner. So a simple click and our special passes are at the Will Call.

I used to write for a wrestling website, so I was obviously way into the sports-entertainment field. I stopped all of that that though about 10 years ago because, really I should've stop way before then. But this movie isn't really about wrestling, or so I've been told. It's about a man who's better days are long gone getting his second second chance.

And that man is Mickey Rourke, an actor dying for his second second chance. What he could of been sends chills up my spine.

The buzz he is getting for this movie is that the Oscar is his for the taking.

I will post the review tonight or tomorrow but here are some other opinons:

Rotten 98% Fresh Pick

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