Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Teaser://A City Named Fortress

In 2099 mankind has stumbled upon it's greatest discovery...The Focal Point. All Time merges at a single spot, a city named Fortress. Here time travel is as easy as taking a deep breath and leaping into the Stream.

It is left to a small group of Regulators to police the myriad universes. When the timelines have been altered they enter to place it back on track.

One day the Stream is split into seven distinct parallel universe and is threatening to destroy everything and every time.

One man, The Traveler, must enter each divergent history and set right what has been wronged. However, sometimes the only way to fix it is to contemplate evil.

This is a novel project that while very scifi, isn't meant to be a ripoff of Jean Claude Van Damme's Timecop. Really it started from a drunken thought, "What would the world be like if X didn't happen. Just changing one thing, just one, what would be the effect? For example the first scenario I came up with was someone stopped James Earl Ray from assassinating Martin Luther King. Seems noble enough. Except with him not dying the country doesn't have a civil rights martyr to circle around and so 1964 Civil Rights Act never happens. To set this right, The Traveler must in turn assassinate MLK himself.

It's more an exercise on what the phrase, "the Greater Good" would actually entail.

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