Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I, Uninspired

Nothing really of note to mention today.

I've felt very lethargic lately, especially as it relates to writing. I needs to get out of my funk.

For those of you visiting from CC, my first draft of "Going Through the Motions" is up for review. Please feel free to rip it apart. Everytime I start to review it, I don't know where to cut or add. It seems to me it needs a blind rewrite but that just becomes another first draft.

I watched Stardust again with my wife last night. I would review it but there's not much to say about it that it doesn't say for itself. Simply saying I love it doesn't really mean anything. Here's my pull quote: Stardust makes you smile.

I'm itching to start the outline for Masada. The visions of the pieces are starting to distract me from real actual work. However, I also feel I haven't created enough backstory. And as I learned the hard way on The Last Happiness not having enough planning leads to an unexpected hiccup that crashes the whole thing. I'm slowly falling in love with the ideas of the piece and I don't want to shortchange them like I did Billy and Seth.

Sarah's 92 year old grandmother broke her hip for the third time last night. She's getting it replaced today. Sarah is being brave but I can tell she is concerned, probably more for her mother than g-ma.

Sarah and I have a meeting with the Rabbi tonight. I'm sure we are going to speak about "The Problem," something I haven't written about but will soon. As a self aggrandized Fiction Writer, some things happen in life that you just can't make up.




Lady Glamis said...

I really liked Stardust, too. I've heard the book is even better. Have you read it?

I haven't seen your work on CC yet. I will have to go check it out. At the moment, though, I'm busy wrapping up my novel to get ready for an agent. And I'm a very slow reader, as well. Which queue are you in?

Good luck with your meeting!

BA Boucher said...

I haven't read the book although my local border's has a nice bound version I've had my eyes on

Thanks for the note and I will attempt to read anything I can with your name on it