Thursday, April 02, 2009

Brandon History Month part 2 Electric Bugaloo

Helloooooooooooooooo, interweb.

So I've taken more of a leap with the whole I Woke Up in Pittsburgh site. Since blog fiction is a relatively newer genre, there isn't a lot of list sites to belong to right now.

Pitts is up on the front page of the Web Fiction Guide. Now it'll be fighting for space with 230 0r so other sites.

Time to step it up.

Sam, the bartender in Pittsburgh, is a story that is heavily steeped in Judaism. That hasn't really come out yet but it will. I've been doling out the story in little bits, but I plan to have the bigger events center around Jewish holidays. And what do you know? Pesach is right around the corner, you may call it Passover.

Big things will begin today.

In other, non fiction news, my wife is still the most amazing person on the planet. Just thought I'd share.

Before I go, I'd be remiss not to leave you with another Brandon History Month factoid:

Fact: Brandon was awarded a silver star, bronze star, and Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic service with the Allied Forces in World War II.

A Top Ace, he is credited with downing 37 German Stukas and 49 Japanese Zeros. He did all this never actually flying a plane.

His native cunning showed itself as he would stand on top of a building, point at the planes and yell, "Bang!"

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Lady Glamis said...


I'm liking your Sam blog so far! Can't wait to see what else you have in store. :D