Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weekend Wrapup://Better Late...

Great great weekend, phenomenal , and sensational. No worries.

1.30.2009://Work, Groceries, and Ghostbusters. That's the perfect end to a work day. My wife has never seen Ghost Busters and after I recovered from the shock induced coronary we watched that bad boy. Funny thing is I've not seen the original in about a decade. I kept repeating, "don't worry the second one is better." Not to say the first one is bad but introducing it to someone for the first time in 2009 it seems corny.

1.31.2009://Went to Hemet to visit my wife's 92 year old grandma who is recovering from hip replacement surgery. Drove an hour down there to look in on a cripple feeble woman who is a week away from surgery. She kicked us out in 15 mins so she could go get her hair did. Amazing chick.

Drove an hour home and went straight to the movies for a double feature of Taken with Liam Neeson and Frost/Nixon with Kevin Bacon. Both were great. I'm slowly but surely getting all those Oscar movies taken care of.

Ended the night playing with the puppies.

2.1.2009://Cleaned and prepped for the Super....Well the Big Game. (I hear you get sued if you say Super...). I am nominally a Raiders fan but since they haven't played a game since Reagan's adminstration I tend to lend my heart to the Steelers. Living outside of Pittsburgh for the better part of a decade will do that.

Great game. Invited my father in law to watch the game and surprisingly my wife stayed awake the entire time.

Bummer://Nothing really. It was a fantastic weekend

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