Friday, February 20, 2009

This economy, boy I tell you...

On our way to work the day yesterday, my wife and I found out that our favorite radio station was going off the air.

My wife and I both work in office enviroments and listen to radio all day long to get away from the bullshit office politics. Thing is you can only listen to "Umbrella Song" so many times before you start hitting people. Oh, maybe that was in bad taste...

Anyway, my wife and I listen to talk radio. The station 97.1 in Los Angeles had the greatest lineup of talk jocks. Literally my wife and I listen to 97.1 from 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

And now they are a Top 40 station.

So for Adam Carolla, Frosty Heidi and Frank, Tom Leykis and the others. Thanks for getting me through the day.

Now go get other jobs.

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Lady Glamis said...

That's too bad! I hope you can find another station to get away from those office politics. I HATE office politics. Ugh.