Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I, Confused

Check out this clock. Normal. Temporal. Symmetrical.

What's wrong with this thing?

What if the hands were pointing to 4.20?

This question brings up something that is so insignificant, so infinitesimally inconsequential that it of course ruins my day whenever I see it.

Why is the Roman Numeral for 4 IIII?

This is the sort of thing that once you notice it for the first time you will see it EVERYWHERE.

My wife and mother in law curse me evertime they leave the house now.

Does anybody know why some clocks are IIII?


Lady Glamis said...

I've asked my hubby, but he says that every single clock with roman numerals lists the four this way so it's not easily confused with the six.

Just his thought. :)

BA Boucher said...

That's what I thought at first but it appears to be completely random. And I also don't by the six arguement because they don't do that with 9 and 11.

Some have it some don't

My head hurts