Monday, February 22, 2010

Guess What Came in the Mail Today?

Wil Wheaton owns the internets. It's true. I have to pay a nickel everytime I log on. Anyway, on his blog today (I'm a Link!) Wil talks about the Lizard Brain theory. Basically, it's this idea that somewhere deep in our brain there exists a subconsciousness unrelated to our other normal little voice inside.

This is a reptilian mind, sluggish and dormant but aware. It's this parasite that lives inside and thinks only of survival. And perhaps sitting on a hot rock.

The Lizard Brain is the part of us that not only avoids risk but actively seeks to circumvent our attempts at self indentified risks. Including, and this is important, creative works. If you believe that writing for goals and purpose is risky, this dinosaur step child will actively seek to stop you from doing anything to reach your dreams.

This is important for me at this moment. When I was a student, writing was second nature for me. I probably threw away five times as much words as I turned in for assignments, happy. Why? Deadlines. An outside reason for punching keys. Grades, diplomas. Those were the ten ton weights that drove my internal pullies.

That was years ago. Since, without having an external purpose making me write, I haven't been the writer I've dreamed of becoming.


Because, I've become too internal. I'm scared of rejection, of daring to call myself a writer.

I'm a husband. I work 8-5 to provide for my family. I have responsibilites.

Great excuses right?

Maybe I'm not any good...

Seems a little cold-blooded don't you think?

Like a reptile.

Well, I bring all this up to say that today I received my copies of the Genre Wars Anthology of which yours truly is a part.

Regardless of the number of readers, seeing my story in print. Bound. Published. It's a deep strike at that bastard within that wants me to quit dreaming and quit trying.

I know that a lizards tail will grow back, today though I have it my grasp and it feels pretty good.

In my sidebars is a link. Pick up a copy, it's Awesome.