Thursday, June 11, 2009

Website Review://

Twitter is the new myspace. Or the new facebook. Or the new Flickr.

Let me start again:

Twitter is the new crack.

Kind of a genius thought. Little updates that can be sent from phone, facebook, myspace, and blogs that are no longer than 140 characters.

Pop-ups of life.

I am a writing type person. 140 characters is not nearly enough for me to clear my throat.

I follow Wil Wheaton on twitter, me and 500,000 others, and he linked over to a story he started on And now let me start again.

For Brandon, is the new twitter laced with crack and meth.

1024 character chain stories. What the crap?

The website is extremely polished and simple and you get into the mist of things right away. No big login screens or registration. Those on blogger already have an account. A few clicks and presto, creative happenings all over the place.

Each time you read or write a story, at the bottom of the page is two links: Prequel and Sequel. Anybody can write before or after your story, extending the length and presumably the strange.

I'm hooked and just posted my first of many to come stories I'm sure.

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