Monday, May 18, 2009

I, Surprised

It really is George Lucas' fault.

Full disclosure: I am a Star WARS nerd. I love it.

Star Trek, at least The Original Series, has never been on my radar. My dad loved it and that made it old man stuff. He took me to the movies and I have fond memories of Wrath of Khan, but to me, Khan can not hold Empire's jockstrap.

Empire Strikes Back might the world's perfect film for a seven year old. Action, adventure, comedy, hot girl, dashing heroes. The works. Return of the Jedi I liked better but what kid can resist Ewoks?

Star Trek didn't really have a lot of that. It had politics (yawn), diplomacy (zzzzz), really bad acting, and Tribbles.

What's a kid to do right?

So I spent near three decades on this planet proclaiming Star Wars over Star Trek, and was willing to fight to nerd death on the merits.

And then Lucas released the Prequels.

I'm not saying they are bad movies that weakened a franchise. It's more that they are bad movies that weakened mankind.

The only thing that kept me on the Star Wars train after Episode I was, and I quote myself in 1999, "At least that was Undiscovered Country."

If that reference eludes you it is merely to state this: The worst of Star Wars was never as bad as the worst of Star Trek.

That is until 2009.

I saw Star Trek, the new one, on Saturday. Amidst the action, comedy, special effects, and amazing performances I realized something, this was f'ing cool.

There's a scene where Spock is going to teleport to Vulcan to save his parents, before he beams down, he crouches so that he can immediately sprint. That was cool.

Spock! Spock is cool!

I honest started getting upset at the end of the film when the plot was starting to wrap itself up. I wanted more!

I can honestly say that I never thought I'd live in an age where I want another Star Trek movie and Star Wars needs to be retired.

So after seeing Star Trek I went home, I looked to the stars and felt a convulsing through my body


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Angela said...

This is good to know. I really haven't been a star wars fan, but I have to say the trailer of the new one looks pretty awesome. Maybe having another go at it will be a good thing. Not like Indianna Jones. Man, they should have just left that trilogy alone...