Thursday, May 07, 2009

Game Review://Today I Die

Office jobs are horrible. Wasted hours plugging away at meaningless jobs. Our forefathers built countries. Turn forest into skyscrapers.

I write emails.

Sad really.

Actually very sad. I sit in a cubicle beside a big bay window. Outside I see the California sun beating. Glory.

I sit in greys, every slipping second closer to obscurity.

But the one benefit of an office job, compared to the construction farmer, is that I can't waste my company's time and money but farting around on the internet.

Where do you think I do this blog?

But the other side of the coin is that the internet is a collective of evil. Digital disgust.

Anonymity brings out the demon in people.

So it's nice to be shown little lights. A few brief seconds of care and love. Positivity in an increasingly darkened world. Today referred me over to Daniel Benmergui's "Today I Die."

A short game that involves changing the text around from "dead world full of shades, Today I die." to something much more elegant and uplifting.

Sometimes the simplest acts have the greatest impact.

My work day is ending but the lingering aftereffects of this stinking job will stay here for today.

After you play check out his other games. All short and have the underlying sense of positivity.
It's really quite refreshing.

I can't wait for work tomorrow.

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