Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pardon the Dust: An Anniversary is Here

I haven't been around much. Life has inextricable gotten in the way. Death too...

I'll have more to say later about these recent dark times but today is a special day.

Four years ago, I had a date. Two dates really. During my lunch break, I got my first pick up truck. I loved that damn truck. Problem was it was a stick and I had only driven stick two or three times in my life ever.

That night I had a date, but I couldn't get to her house because she lived on the other side of town, and there was a lot of hills.

We decided to meet in the middle at a cineplex. The Departed was playing and I convinced this beautiful girl to come with me. I bought the tickets before she showed up like a god damn gentleman.

However, she didn't think it was a date, just two friends out for a good flick.

Four years later today, that woman is my wife and my best friend. We live three thousand miles away from that theater, living and loving in the city of our choosing.

My life has been forever changed because of this wonderful, miraculous creature that with that first smile stole my heart and soul.

I love that woman more today than I ever thought possible and tomorrow will be even better.

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