Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brandon History Month Day 29

Today Brandon's 20's come to an end.

They were a vibrant time in History, full of color, virtue, and song.

Here are some of his better known achievements:

Pitched 97 perfect games.

Swam the English Channel (From America.)

Won the 24 hours of LeMans (completed in 20 hours a Track Record)

Decided there should be eight days in a week, then subsquently removed it. (Weird Month)

Built the Great Pyramid at Giza

Defeated Sauron at the Black Gates

Invented the word "dude"

Was strong against the Yen

Made the first Hybrid car out of a Datsun and a Rhino

etc etc etc

The world will change tomorrow, perhaps for the better.

Goodbye 20's and good riddance

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