Monday, July 13, 2009

A week or so late

Wow, such a large amount of time has passed since I've last updated and to tell you the truth, I really haven't missed it.

Normally, I leave a semi big footprint in the online world. I follow a lot of blogs, webcomics, and news sites. I twit and regularly post on writing sites like I probably spend a good four to five hours a day farting around on this here internet.

And I do it all at work.

Or I did. Company changed an internet policy lately that doesn't really police my internet, rather it measure my bandwidth.

I got food poisoning at the beginning of last week and that coupled with work restrictions, I've been unplugged as they say. And it felt pretty good.

I'll probably ramp back up to my former speed soon. But for a while it was nice to not be tethered to a facebook or twitter feed.

Take it easy internet.

PS. Go see Moon. It's fantastic.

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